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How It Got Started

I was born in Seat Pleasant, Maryland but at a very young age moved to Salem, Massachusetts. That old school/hard nose lifestyle created a strong foundation for me to climb the sales ladder in several companies. I then played collegiate sports and compiled a variation of collegiate experiences at Harvard Business School and Emmanuel College in Cambridge and Boston.

Capital Investments

Strategic investments that involve creative ways of innovation.

Business Hacker

Business Hacker Identify the best way to grow and effectively improve your standing in any company or partnership.

Graphic Design

A comprehensive curriculum that provides the tools and strategies to rise to the top of your industry.

3 Key Pillars

These 3 Pillars are the catalyst tomy advancement are the foundation to the Ladder Hacker Academy.


Office etiquette, problem solving, Networking, and more.


Being Accountable for your actions, being on time, and making deadlines.


How to dress the part for the right situation, and how to align your style of conducting business with your best foot forward.

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Email : amk@mianare.com

Address : PO BOX 120556 Nashville TN 37212

Phone : (+1) 470.910.5225


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