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After going through the grind of climbing the corporate ladder, he is now circling back to help others do the same.

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The Direction

Today’s world has brought a unique change to the world where business needs strategic moves to provoke scalable improvements.

We are now consulting companies through 3 specific areas for emerging industries.

Real Estate Consulting | Sales Consulting | Fundraising

An entrepreneur who has earned his stripes.

He has spent his career mastering the process of building blue collar work experience into executive level success. His strategies have resulted in capital-raising leadership for multi-million dollar projects.

Now, he is putting the focus on teaching others how to do the same through expert level consulting and leadership programs. Soon to be launched is our Ladder Hacker Academy that will train you so that you have the skills and the confidence to climb the ladder in any industry.

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Our Services

Consulting on strategic investments that involve creative ways of innovation.

Sales Consulting

Sales consulting provided for entrepreneurs, organizations, and overall business development.

Real Estate

Providing advice and guidance how to build wealth and Portfolio Building through real estate consulting.


Ladder Hacker Academy

Ladder Hacker Academy is a collection of on-demand, interactive modules, quizzes and downloadable resources that help newcomers to business; recent college grads, people transitioning mid career, or transitioning from blue collar to white collar, learn the necessary skills to succeed in any business or corporate setting.

Ladder Hacker Academy with Amani Kelly

My Projects

My projects
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Phone : (+1) 470.910.5225


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