One of the most pivotal moments in the beginning of the journey of climbing the corporate ladder is the interview. How are you supposed to dress? What are you supposed to say? What should you not say? All of these can at times be the deciding factor over another candidate. To help prepare us for what is to come in the upcoming Ladder Hacker Academy, I launched the podcast by asking an expert on the subject. Below you can watch the interview between “Jay Webb” and I, owner of the Jay David Group.


In the conversation we go over key moments before and during the interview. Here are a few of those points to look out for:

  • Deep Research.
  • Come With Open Ended Questions.
  • Answer The Questions Clearly.
  • Ask if there are any concerns you can address while you are still there.

Although these points may be self explanatory it is not easy to do. Be ready for those intense moments and questions that may stump you or force a strategic answer. Come prepared and understand the tone of the person you are interviewing with. Do this and you’ll feel confident with everything that gets thrown at you.

Remember that you can achieve anything in life. Whether you’re trying to get a new job or need to close that big business deal for your new projects, these insights are applicable to all. If you are looking for information on this topic feel free to reach out to me directly.

Get ready for an amazing ride as we prepare for the Ladder Hacker Academy.


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